Who am I?

I'm Jon. When I'm not outside, climbing mountains, running or mountain biking, I often spend my days making websites.


Born in England, I studied graphic design at college, then multimedia design at university before heading to Canada for a year - where I worked at a ski centre over winter, and fixed mountain bikes during the summer. Returning to the UK, I worked in Inverness, Scotland for 5 years doing all kinds of multimedia based work for a company that trained people
in how to deal with oil spills.

A couple of years ago, I decided to move to New Zealand. After three months of traveling,
I stopped in Wellington, where I have been working as a full time web designer/developer.

Click here to see some examples of the work I have done.


Note: I'm currently in Wellington, New Zealand. Please take a look at futureweb.co.nz for my latest work.









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Just give me a call on +64 (0)221 613181.